You must rethink the outsourcing

Outsourcing is often associated to low quality services and requirements.

Thanks to our experience in French companies, we want to remove this idea and to propose high quality requirements based on universal values:

High requirements: All our projects are tested before delivering to our partners.

Innovation: we propose innovative and sustainable solutions.

Communication: We are available and we have transparent process

Web development activity is present in each part of the world. Prior to founding Athena, we worked with many specialists from different countries. However, we were impressed by the level of Vietnamese web developers.  Thus, Vietnam was an easy and relevant choice to establish our company.

Ho Chi Minh is compared to the new Silicon Valley in South East Asia. Its high skill level attracts new and innovative companies.  It could explain why Vietnam is one of the main countries delivering engineer diplomas.

Why did we choose Vietnam ?

We are proud of our projects

We are demanding, like our customers.

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Experience, skills, reactivity and good mood, too many reasons to work with us.

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